Pharmacology Consultant-A Frightening New Field Explained by San Antonio, TX Chiropractor Dr. Daniel Murray

pharmacist looking up information on medications

I met a pharmacist at a networking lunch yesterday, and she is moving out of the corporate world and starting her own company. She is trying to gauge the possibility of starting an all cash consulting firm. What does a pharmacology consultant do I wondered? She explained that she has seen so many patients on 20-30 medications, and that they are always in a deep, dark hole that never ends well. As she explained, it is a slippery slope that has so many side effects, one medication leads to another that causes a side effect and leads to another. The job of the pharmacology consultant would be to analyze all of the medications and try to discover which ones are unnecessary or potentially interacting with other medications and causing side effects. The implications of this new field that she is pioneering are quite frightening. First, it shows that there is nobody out there currently doing what she is doing. This is literally a new field. Second, the fact that the need exists for such a service is scary.

Starting your own business is tough, and in healthcare going against the grain and outside of the insurance world is even more difficult. When asked why she would abandon her well-payed corporate position at a big box pharmacy, she told a story about her first patient interaction. An old man came in coughing and was asking for advice. According to her, water is the best way to stop a cough and she could tell from the conversation that the man was dehydrated. She advised him to drink plenty of water and eat more fruit. When the patient left her boss let her have it, wrote her up for not recommending their store-brand cough syrup. She realized at that point that all of her hard work in pharmacy school would not allow her to help people as she had hoped. She was there to make money for the company. That’s why she is trying to start her own company, because she wants to help people.

The current healthcare system is for profit, make no mistake. Personally I don’t have a problem with for profit companies, my clinic is for profit. But where health is concerned I advise people to be very careful who you are taking advice from and only deal with people you know and trust. Second and third opinions are never a bad thing especially when you are considering a major event like a surgery.  I understand that sometimes medications and surgeries are necessary, but only in emergency situations.  The current healthcare model is failing miserable at treating chronic diseases.  The truth is that outside of emergency situations health should be an inside job.  Chiropractors seek the cause of the problem.  Instead of covering up symptoms with potentially harmful medications we look to the spine for health.  Sound crazy?  The spine and nervous system are the largest sensory organ in your body.  Everything you do depends on the health of your spine and the nerves that run through it.  The chiropractic adjustment helps restore normal motion to the spine, which helps the nervous system function fully.  Only then can your body began to repair itself and heal.  Follow this link to learn more about Chiropractic: HOW CHIROPRACTIC CAN HELP YOU FUNCTION BETTER.  Please feel free to comment and share this article, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any health related questions, whether you live in San Antonio, TX or not I am still willing to help you.