During the first half of my education, I was lucky enough to work in a chiropractor’s office, where I witnessed an amazing series of events. I hesitate to call it a “chiropractic miracle” because in reality, things like this happen in chiropractic clinics all the time. That being said, it is a miraculous story that I am going to share with you.
When Regina first entered Dr. James Bridges’ clinic she was in a wheelchair. Unable to walk, talk, or feed herself, nine year-old Regina was teetering on the edge of a catatonic state. All that was about to change.
Three years ago Regina suffered an injury to her head and neck. Following the injury she began to have seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. She was given medication to keep the seizures under control, but unfortunately her body began to develop a tolerance to the medications and the seizures returned.
The cycle continued for the next three years. New larger doses of anti-seizure drugs were prescribed, which would hold off the seizures for a time, but eventually Regina’s body would require more medication to keep the seizures at bay. Eventually she was on such a high dose that she was barely conscious and unable to function as a normal child.
Luckily a family member found Dr. Bridges. His unique approach to health care focuses on the nervous system, which accounts for his ability to discover issues that other doctors typically pass over. Regina’s case was no exception.
After an initial exam Regina was found to have several misalignments in her cervical spine. According to Dr. Bridges, the trauma associated with her injury was the likely cause of this misalignment. Wasting no time, and with gentle pressure applied the treatment process began.
The first adjustment brought a miracle! Regina moved her right arm. Needless to say, her mother burst into tears. This was the first time in over a year that her little girl had made a voluntary movement. It wasn’t much, but it was something different. A glimmer of hope appeared in what had been a very dark and cloudy three years.
Treatment continued for the first week, including house calls over the weekend to ensure that Regina held the adjustment. At the end of those first seven days Regina walked into the clinic on her own.
Now months into treatment Regina is walking, talking, feeding herself, and doing a lot of other things that normal nine year-olds do. When interviewed her mother says that the only thing they have done differently is began chiropractic care with Dr. Bridges.

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