DSP-Deep Squat Position


As a Chiropractor I am always looking for ways to encourage people to take care of their spine and nervous system.  Sitting is perhaps one of the most detrimental activities that we can do to our nervous system as it causes compression and awkward positions.  If you can get a standing desk that would be ideal, but I understand that isn’t possible for every situation.  If you sit and type a lot, there are several things that you can do throughout the day to keep your spine straight and strong.  First and foremost take breaks from sitting; walk around and stretch at least once each hour.  Bring in a yoga ball and sit on that instead of a chair.  Finally, abandon your chair for a few minutes each hour and use the DSP-deep squat position.  This position is GREAT for your spine and will help you avoid harming your nervous system.  Plus it is great exercise for your lower body-you will be surprised how much effort it takes in the beginning!  I hope this helps you stay healthy!  ~Dr. Murray, DC

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